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We specialize in breeding high quality AKC registered English and American Golden Retrievers. 

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Thank you for visiting our page. We are second generation breeders since 1987. First and foremost our dogs are  beloved family pets. Our dogs are raised in a family environment and are free to roam our home. You will never find our dogs locked in kennels or runs for their entire life. 

we began breeding after seeing the impact dogs have had on our lives and others. We cannot imagine living a life without a dog being a part of it. 

For many years people have been poorly breeding the Golden Retriever. These "Back yard breeders" as we call them have increased the amount of inbreeding and cancer rates. As responsible breeders we are now trying to preserve the breed. We carefully choose our pairings for not only beauty, but temperament,  conformation, intelligence, and health. Before considering a pairing of a female to a stud both are fully health tested. This includes genetic testing, OFA certification on the following: eyes, heart, hips, elbows. We carefully evaluate through the longevity or each line and  the COI  (coefficient of Inbreeding). 

Following these breeding guidelines has earned us the Good dog breeder badge of excellent.

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Since we began breeding we wanted to expand our knowledge in multiple areas. Jessica went to Texas where she attended Starmark Academy for Dog Trainers. She graduated the 12 week program with certification as not only a trainer, but also certification as a Canine Behavior Specialist. This was a grueling program that was not just a 9-5 schooling. You had to put in 15-18 hours a day. We not only got the opportunity to train the "unadoptable" dogs, but we learned how dogs learn.

Consistency, timing and motivation are keys to training. We hope to assist in helping you have a well mannered dog. As we cannot imagine a life without a Golden, we hope we have the opportunity to match you with your  perfect companion.

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