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We have available puppies!


At High Sierra Goldens you will not find our puppies birthed outside in a kennel. All of our pups are born inside our home and handled daily from birth. We use ENS with our puppies. This is a process that introduces mild stresses to young puppies in a controlled environment. These stresses help stimulate the neurological system which improves the growth and development of the pup's immune system, cardiovascular, and stress tolerance. This is the same program used in police and military canine breeding facilities. It is said to produce an overall  calmer dog.

After 6 weeks each puppy is introduced to the following: crate training, basic commands, leashes, dog doors, and they have already been started on potty training to pelletized bedding and/or artificial turf. They receive their first round of vaccinations, get microchipped and are cleared by our veterinarian. 

As the puppies grow we evaluate each of their temperaments and individual personalities. As a certified behavior specialist we try to match the puppies to their prospective owners. Ultimately, we still allow you to pick out your puppy, but we ask that you take into consideration our recommendations. We would be very sad to see our lowest energy puppy taken to a home that expects it to take a 5 mile run on a daily basis. We want both our families and our dogs to be happy.

Upon going to their new home they get sent home with a large goodie bag. This includes items such as treats, toys, poop baggies, and scent blanket.

 We want our puppies to have the very best start with their new families. We offer lifetime support to all of our golden families and our puppies.

 Fee $3500

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